All About Bathroom Mold Removal

by Claire on October 15, 2013

If your bathroom has developed mold, you probably want to know why. While mold can grow anywhere in your house, the bathroom seems to be most affected room. The main reason for this is the moisture that bathrooms seem to hold. Your bathroom collects a lot of humidity because of the amount of water used for bathing. It is important that when you are remodeling your new bathroom that you get rid of any mold that may in the walls or on the floor. You don’t want to spend a bunch of money on décor for your bathroom and then have to rip it out a year later. It is smart to prevent the mold earlier on.

There are several things in your bathroom that encourage the growth of mold. Any old soap, shampoo bottles, beauty products and other things like that are usually wet and this will cause issues. When you’re not using any of the products and items any more, throw them out. Keeping them can provide breeding grounds for mold. Wet shampoo bottles should never go in a closet or cabinet. Either let them air dry by an open window or otherwise dry them before storing.

Bathroom Mold Bathroom Mold

When water evaporates into the air, humidity is increased. This is the reason that shower mold is such a common event. Each time you take a hot bath or shower, the steam creates a wet atmosphere in the bathroom. It does feel good to soak up steam, but it’s not a great idea for your bathroom. Most bathrooms lack proper ventilation so the dampness remains. The results of this may not be immediately evident, but after several baths and showers, you’ll start to see the mold.

There’s another problem area besides the tub and shower. Many times mold grows between the crevices of tiles. In addition, a corner of the bathtub is a great breeding area for mold because this area is wet often and for a long time. Since the only way to keep these places dry is to stop bathing, you need to find another solution.

One thing you can do to prevent mold from growing is to clean your bathroom regularly. You should also use an anti-fungal solution to wipe down your bathroom on a monthly basis. Don’t forget to include the ceiling. This doesn’t occur to most people, but ceilings also get damp.

You can also choose to buy mold removal products to prevent mold from growing. These are products that add a covering to the tiles and walls to protect them from mold. Search for the ones that have fungicides that are meant to prevent mold.

If there’s already mold growing in your bathroom, it’s important that to deal with it before it gets too bad. Use a mixture of baking soda and distilled vinegar to clean the problem areas. This mixture forms a paste that you’ll apply to the spots. Let the paste sit for about 3 to 4 minutes and then wash it away. If the patches of mold are thick, leave the paste on longer. A water and distilled vinegar mix can also be used to remove mold.

Keeping your bathroom dry will prevent mold. In addition, mold is usually easy to remove as long as it’s not toxic. You’ll need a professional mold removal service if the mold is causing illness in your home.

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