Do You Need a Mold Test?

by Claire on November 15, 2011

Mold testing isn’t something people are thrilled to need. It means that they either have mold that they need to check for toxicity, or they suspect their house has a mold issue. A mold test can ferret out mold problems that are otherwise invisible. Spores are in the air, in dust, and on certain surfaces in your house. They’re not something you’ll see, but you can be sure that, under the right conditions, they’re there waiting to cause you trouble.

There are many benefits to having a mold test performed. However, it’s important to understand that they’re not always accurate. Some tests are conducted by watching samples that have been incubated. A sample is put in an incubator and fed nutrients so that it will grow. This reveals the type of mold present, but the results can be wrong at times.

Do You Need a Mold Test

Do You Need a Mold Test

The problem is that sometimes the sample mold doesn’t react with the nutrients used. Other tests work better with successful identification but even some of those tests can’t tell you precisely the kind of mold present in your house. Due to these limitations, mold testing isn’t always 100 percent correct.

Something else to be aware of is that a mold test might not fix your mold problem. For instance, you might have more than one kind of mold in your house. You won’t know this, though, unless a sample is collected from all affected locations. That won’t be cheap to do.

While testing is limited, it also does have its benefits. For one thing, testing can justify the price of removal. It may cost thousands of dollars to have your mold removed and your spouse or partner doesn’t feel the expense is worth it. However, if testing shows the presence of toxic mold, there can be no objection to the removal cost. Also, if you test after the removal, you’ll know if you got it all or not.

The price tag on mold testing depends on the method. Home mold tests are usually the least expensive. You’ll need to collect a sample from your house, place it into the kit and mail it off to a laboratory. A testing service can also be used. Your choice will be guided by your budget.

Investigate your home prior to testing to check the seriousness of your mold problem. For a small infestation, you can probably deal with it yourself. Search for the source of the mold, first. If you find what’s causing the damp conditions, you can fix that before dealing with testing and mold removal.

The two important things to keep in mind regarding mold testing are that they’re not always 100 percent accurate and you might not even need a test. But if a mold test takes away your worry, then the cost is definitely worth it.

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