How To Clean Up Home Mold

by Claire on November 16, 2011

People don’t generally choose to live in a mold filled home. Not only is it unattractive, but it creates odors and an overall unhealthy environment. If your home has mold, your first priority should be to clean it. There are some things to consider first before you begin the mold cleaning process.

To begin with, you must find the reason that mold is growing in your house. Once you locate the source, you need to fix the problem. Depending on where the mold began, you may have to perform a full inspection of your home before you find it.

It’s common for mold to grow in the bathroom due to the dampness and warmth associated with bathing. You can keep this from happening if you dry the walls after taking your shower or bath. Steam causes moisture to build in a single exposed area. Drying the walls and shower stalls keeps mold from starting.

You’ll find that it can be difficult to locate the source of the mold. It can be under the floor, behind a wall, or hiding in a closet or other dark and damp area. During your search is when you should figure out whether you can handle the mold problem on your own or if you need professional help.

Since cleaning the mold in your home is pointless if you don’t know where it originated, a full inspection of your home is vital. Until you’ve located the source, the mold will continue to return no matter how many times you clean it. Keep in mind that mold thrives as long it has a water source, plenty of food and a viable living space. Consider looking in any damp and closed off places in your home.

Once you locate the problem, take care of it instantly. Do what’s necessary to keep the mold from returning. For instance, a leak in your wall can cause an ongoing mold problem until you fix the leak. A humid basement must be ventilated. In addition, some items in your home may need to be replaced. Cleaning mold from drywall and carpet cannot be done. You’ll have to remove and replace those.

Mold testing isn’t usually needed since most molds are visible. If you don’t see any mold, you might still be able to smell it. Finding mold that looks dark green or black and is slimy may indicate a need for testing. This could well be a toxic mold. If that’s the case, you need to know as soon as possible as removing this type of mold requires a special process. You’ll definitely need professionals for this one.

A cleaning agent will remove mold from bathroom stalls, shower curtains, windowsills and walls. You can buy mold cleaners in such stores as Walmart and Home Depot. Just follow the directions on the cleaner.

It’s typically simple to clean mold from your home. However, if you have an extreme case, you’ll need to call in the professionals as over the counter supplies won’t get the job done.

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