How to Kill House Mold

by Claire on March 18, 2016

Mold, or fungi, develops in many homes and can be a threat to your health when that happens. Most types of mold are harmless, but there are other types that can make entire families sick. The cause may be due to increased pollution or poorly built homes. Whatever is causing it, this contamination seems to be increasing. For that reason, homeowners need to know how to kill mold before it becomes dangerous.

Mold can easily be removed from houses. You don’t have to chase it down like you would a rodent. Mold simply sits and grows. There are several products you can buy at stores that will clean and kill all types of mold. So, depending on your circumstances, you can rid your house of mold or you can call a professional.

Since mold spores can spread while you’re performing mold removal, you should take measures to shelter other parts of your house. One way to do this is by using some heavy plastic to cover the door. Once you’ve finished cleaning, you should open a window or door for ventilation.

Unfortunately, mold can come back. Wiping it off doesn’t kill it. The only way you can get rid of mold completely is to change the atmosphere in your home. Taking steps to make your house mold-free is the only way.

You should start by cutting off the moisture supply. Lots of houses have leaky pipes and siding that lets moisture in the house. Solving this problem decreases the chances of catching mold again.

Poor ventilation contributes to mold producing humidity. This leads to dampness and that encourages mold to grow. If you have a musty smell in your basement or attic, then you’ve got mold growing there. To successfully kill mold, you’ll need to handle all of these issues.

Using a dehumidifier (Dehumidifier Reviews) will control excess moisture and humidity in the air. Dehumidifiers take out some of the moisture from the air. If you have a model with an HEPA filter, it will also filter the air.

A HEPA filter takes out certain allergens like dust, spores and pollen from the air. Dehumidifiers are great for people with allergies even if there’s no mold in your house. They’re the best things to use in controlling humidity, although a fan is also good to use.

Mold can’t grow unless it has a water source. So if you don’t have a humidity problem, then there’s probably a leak. You should inspect your pipes, or you may need to hire a plumber to search in the walls. If you spot mold on a certain part of the wall, you’ve most likely got a leak behind it.

Floods are another cause of mold growth. If your house floods each time it rains, you’ve got a serious issue. Have your home inspected to find the source of the flooding. There might be some serious structural problems.
Follow these suggestions to get a head start on killing the mold in your home.

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