Mold Removal Services

by Claire on November 15, 2011

If your home has become taken over by mold and you can’t get rid of it alone, it’s time to call in a professional mold removal company. Removing this mold from your home should be a top priority as it can cause many serious health issues. Before you run for the phone, however, gauge how serious your mold issue actually is. For instance, an affected area of less than 10 square feet can usually be handled on your own. On the other hand, for an affected area larger than that, or in an attic or crawlspace with limited access, you need the help of professionals.

Don’t hire the first company you speak with. You need to research at least three companies before making your decision. Check out their reputations and their certifications. Also, ask family, friends or neighbors if they’re familiar with any particular professional mold removal companies. Another option may be checking with your local chamber of commerce and see if they’ve got anyone on their business list that can help you. In addition, there are always the Yellow Pages.

Mold Removal Services

Mold Removal Services

When you think you’ve found the best company for your job, be sure that they’re licensed as well as certified. Ask them for references from previous customers. If they’re reputable, they’ll be happy to comply. Contact your insurance agent to see if your homeowner’s insurance will cover part of the cost for mold removal. The policy might not cover the removal, but should cover the repair of any damages caused from water damage mold. Even if it doesn’t, you can still ask the company if they offer any type of discount. Most businesses don’t have to volunteer that information unless the customer brings it up.

If there’s not any discount available, you can try talking about another company you’re thinking of hiring. Most businesses would prefer not to lose a sale, especially to a competitor. This might make them reconsider and offer you a discount of some sort.

Don’t make any deals, though, until you’ve talked about any issues or concerns you may have regarding the work. Before you sign on the dotted line is the time to ask all of your questions. Then, get everything agreed upon in writing, even the smallest of details.

Once you’ve hired the company, be sure that they follow through with what they agreed to in writing. This includes such things as the length of the job, the costs, the products they use and anything else you spoke about. At times, companies will try to weasel out of adhering to the agreement. If that happens to you, it can sometimes become necessary to get the legal system involved. When it’s your home and your health that’s on the line, you should never hesitate to get whatever assistance you need.

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