Mold Removers 101

by Claire on March 12, 2012

When you discover mold in or around your home, the first thing you’re going to need to find is an effective mold remover. You can’t just pick up any old product for your mold cleanup and then blame the product when it doesn’t work. Mold cleaners aren’t made the same. Some of them shouldn’t even be called mold removers because they’re just not effective.

Bathroom cleaners might work in removing mold from the tiles but it’s probably not going to clean the mold from your bedroom carpet. Also, keep in mind that all mold remover products aren’t environmentally friendly. While some will have all-natural ingredients that are safe, others will be filled with harsh chemicals. They carry different price tags, too. In fact, you’ll probably have to pay more for environmentally safe products.

One of the most important reasons to choose a green product over one filled with toxic chemicals is because it’s safer for you as well as for your environment. Most chemicals are much more dangerous than some of the molds you may get in your home. These can actually cause some health problems, too. Consider that you’re removing mold to stay healthy. Wouldn’t it make sense to use a safe and healthy product as well?

The bottom line is this: If you must use a mold remover, it’s best to get one that’s specifically created to do so as well as one that’s all-natural and safe for your health as well as the environment. Pay attention to the ingredients listed on products. Just because they say they’re safe doesn’t mean it’s true. Lots of manufacturers will try to sell you a bill of goods by convincing you their products are green and, therefore, safe.

Educate yourself on what is and is not safe for mold removal. If you see words on the label that you can’t pronounce, they’re probably not natural. For products without labels, look online for the information. You can find nearly everything online about mold as well as mold removers. Once you’ve found the best mold remover for your job, take your time and let it work like it’s supposed to. You’ll be able to rid your home of that unhealthy mold permanently.

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