Black Mold Removal

by Claire on November 23, 2011

There are more than one million species of fungi and mold is a part of that. However, most molds don’t cause any issues, although black mold can be quite dangerous. This is a toxic greenish-black organism that can result in some serious health issues. It’s something that you definitely don’t need in your home. This mold comes from water damage so if you’ve got black mold, there’s water damage involved.

You need to be aware of black mold signs so that you can take the needed steps to get rid of it. Some people are more sensitive to this mold than others. People that have allergies or respiratory issues need to be especially careful. Common symptoms of black mold include headaches, light-headedness and difficulty in concentrating. They can also include coughing, sneezing, throat irritation and watery eyes.

Black Mold

Black Mold

Black mold can grow new everywhere. It is most often found in cardboard, ceiling tiles, paneling and water soaked wood. This mold is capable of growing on drywall and insulation, and inside walls, floors and ceilings. The most affected rooms tend to be bathrooms and basements.

Before taking steps to remove black mold, you need to first find out how bad the problem is. Having your home tested is the best way of doing that. Home improvement stores have mold testing kits that you can buy. When you’ve purchased it, take it home and obtain a mold sample. Put it in the container supplied by the kit. You, then, mail it to the lab that will test your sample. The results will tell you if you should worry or not.

You can also contact a local mold removal service to test your home. If you don’t want to have to collect mold samples, this is the easiest solution. The company inspects your home and gives you an idea of what your mold problem is. If it’s toxic, they advise you of what to do.

When it comes to cleaning up the mold, anyone involved in the process needs to wear protective clothing, gloves and masks. In addition, the room should be isolated from the rest of the house. Since spores can escape into the air, you should send any children living in the house away while the process is going on.

Water damage should be the main concern with black mold removal. As water damage is the reason for the growth of black mold, resolving that needs to be your top priority because the mold will only return if the conditions are right. Cleaning and removing the mold can be a long, hard and tiring process, but if you take care of everything the first time, you won’t have to go through it again.

Once the black mold is removed and the water damage is repaired, make sure that your home is kept dry and clean. If you do that, the mold will never return, and your family can relax in knowing that they’re breathing clean rather than toxic air.

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