Spotting and Removing Toxic Black Mold

by Claire on March 13, 2012

Black mold is a fungus that’s quite dangerous and nasty. That’s why it’s important to know how to spot it in your home as well as remove it immediately. Toxins from black mold cause symptoms of various illnesses in humans and will keep making you sick until the exposure is removed.

One of the first signs of a toxic mold is the musty and stale odor it produces. If you smell this in your bathroom, basement or attic, chances are good that you’ve got toxic mold. This odor may also be in your portable air conditioning unit or a central air unit. There may be spots of a gray or white substance growing on ceilings, walls or other wet areas.

Spotting and Removing Toxic Black Mold

Spotting and Removing Toxic Black Mold

Exposure to this type of mold can cause continuous headaches, migraines, runny nose, itchy eyes, ear infections, nose bleeds, sore throat, rashes, shortness of breath and fatigue. You need to remember that these symptoms can vary. Only your doctor can clarify if they’re caused by black mold or not.

Getting rid of black mold must be at the top of your To Do List. First, get the air tested for the seriousness of the problem. Shop around for the right company to do this, though, because it can be rather costly. The results of this test will tell you whether you can do the removal yourself or if you should hire a professional to do it.

To remove black mold yourself, you’ll need a respirator, rubber gloves, and eye goggles. Next, you’ll need a commercial cleaner created to kill black mold. This should be something other than simple bleach because it can’t go below the surface and kill spores hiding there.

You might need to remove and/or replace things that were exposed to the toxic spores. Drywall can fall into this category. Prior to beginning the cleanup, block off all areas that may be exposed to spores. This is a great time to repair leaks that could be the cause of mold. Then, start your cleanup by following the directions on the mold removal product. Apply the cleaner and let it dry according to the directions. If necessary, repeat the process. Then keep things clean and dry to prevent future mold growth.

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