Testing for Black Mold

by Claire on March 15, 2012

Black mold testing is something that you have done to check to see if your home has any present. This can prevent serious health issues from attacking you and your family. It can be performed by a professional that will bring specific tools. Doing it this way is best when you’ve got certain hidden areas that you can’t reach by yourself to check. The professional will look for toxic mold in areas like basements, attics, crawlspaces, bathrooms, kitchens or any other suspect areas. There can be an indoor and outdoor test if needed.

When samples have been taken, they’re sent off to a lab for analysis. The results are sent back to the professional. Then, he’ll explain the results to you and share what sorts of mold were found. This will also let you know if you should use a professional mold removal company or not.

Testing for Black Mold

Testing for Black Mold

You can choose to perform the mold test on your own if you want. There’s a test kit that you need to buy for this. It may save you money as well as time since you’re doing it on your own and don’t have to wait for professional appointment. Most of these kits can be purchased online.

All you need to do is use a swab to swipe it over the mold ridden areas. Then, you transfer your sample to a sterilized container that you seal and mail off to the lab. The lab sends the results back to you and tells you what molds are in your house and how bad they are. In that way, you’ll know what step to take next.

The do it yourself mold test kits work when you’ve got visible mold and don’t know if they’re dangerous or not. However, if you know you’ve got mold in your house but can’t locate it, you should probably hire professionals to test for it. Otherwise, you could have a huge problem like water damage mold, which can cause health and structural damage issues.

Before you hire someone, though, be sure to check them out first. Even if you decide that you want to do the test yourself, check out the company that you buy the test from. Black mold testing is serious business and shouldn’t be trusted to just anyone.

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