The Duties of a Certified Mold Inspector

by Claire on November 14, 2012

A trained professional who is licensed to locate mold problems in a home is called a mold inspector. State agencies or private organizations are usually responsible for licensing mold inspectors. Often, mold inspectors will work in conjunction with home inspectors to check for the presence of mold. He may also simply do only mold inspections full time.

Due to health risk potential, you need to make sure your home is mold free. Many times, you can handle any mold clean up and removal on your own. There are other situations, however, that require professional help. This is where a mold inspector comes in.

Mold Inspector

Mold Inspector

Mold inspectors can do the following:

  • Visit your home and assess your mold situation: They perform a thorough visual inspection with the help of a flashlight. A visible mold problem will jump right out at them. They may need to also look inside your walls and insulation.
  • Determine the kind of mold you have: Once the inspector spots the mold, he needs to figure out what type it is so he can recommend ways to get rid of mold. Mold inspectors usually don’t remove the mold themselves. Their job is to find it and identify it. However, some mold inspectors are also licensed in the removal of mold.
  • Collect air samples of your home: This is done through the use of sophisticated machinery that conducts spore count analysis.
  • Collects swab samples: The mold inspector might also choose to collect some swab samples to send away to a laboratory for testing to indicate toxic or non-toxic mold.
  • Offer advice to keep your house dry: Mold inspectors can offer you advice on how to minimize the dampness and humidity in your home so that mold won’t return.

Mold inspectors are needed for various reasons. It’s good to call in one if you’re buying a new home so the home can be inspected for mold before you sign the papers. This will keep you from buying a home that’s infested with mold. You may also need a mold inspector if you’re selling your house. Another reason to contact a mold inspector is if someone in your home is ill with symptoms that could be caused by mold.

Finding a really good mold inspector isn’t always easy. You need to be sure that the inspector you choose is properly certified. You can check with such organizations as the American Indoor Air Quality Council to see if your inspector is listed there as well as trade organizations they’re associated with. Check at least 3 different inspectors to compare before you select one. Go with the one that has the most experience and knowledge.

As your home is one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make in your life, you need to ensure that it’s protected from a mold infestation. Most important of all, the health of your loved ones also needs to be protected from mold inducing illnesses. It’s a very worthwhile investment to hire a mold inspector to head off any potential health hazards due to mold.

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