Mold Removal Companies – Things You Need to Know

by Claire on November 20, 2011

Mold removal companies are ready and waiting for you to contact them for help in cleaning up your mold problem. However, hiring one of these companies shouldn’t be done before trying some other, less costly, options.

Calling a mold removal company shouldn’t be the first thing you do if you discover a mold problem in your home. Do some investigation first as to the seriousness of the problem.

Mold is the root of all sorts of health issues. Animals, people with allergies, elderly people, and young children are among the most affected by mold. Exposure to mold can cause or irritate breathing issues such as asthma. Other symptoms include coughing, ongoing headaches, and a rash. If anyone in your home is experiencing these symptoms, mold could be the culprit.

Mold Removal Companies

Mold Removal Companies

The best way to tell if mold is the problem or not is to have the affected people leave the home. If their problems clear up, then most likely there’s a mold problem in your home. You don’t have to see the mold for it to be there. It could be hiding under floorboards or walls. Getting a professional inspection of your home can uncover the problem.

On the other hand, the mold may be easily visible. If you discover a small mold or mildew problem in your bathroom or on your basement wall, it’s possible that you can remove it yourself. As long as it’s not too big of a problem, it should be simple to clean it up.

The way to do this is to take a spray bottle and mix water and distilled vinegar in it. Be sure to wear plastic or rubber gloves while you’re cleaning. Spray the affected area thoroughly and allow the mixture to set for 3 to 4 minutes. Use a sponge or cloth to wipe it clean. This should take care of a small mold problem.

The most often affected rooms are bathrooms, basements and kitchens. There are dark and damp areas in these rooms that are perfect conditions for the growth of mold. Growths with a furry or cottony look that are white, gray or green means that you’ve found mold. Toxic mold is usually a black color. If you find large areas of this, it’s time to contact a mold removal company immediately.

Research any company before you hire them. Mold removal companies are among the bigger scam artists in existence. If you’ve got a serious mold issue, you need more than a simple cleaning. The company you hire may need to look under your floorboards or inside your walls. So make sure you get a reputable company.

Make sure that the business you hire has been in business at least 2-3 years. You can find online reviews of companies as well as check with the Better Business Bureau. Ask for referrals from people you know and trust.

Get an estimate of the cost for your mold removal before committing to a contract. Don’t hire the first company you talk with. Only make your decision after getting several estimates and researching.

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